Thursday, March 31, 2011

Matthew Arthur, NOLA Fashion Week Fall 2011

Designer Matthew Arthur finds his inspiration from his New Orleans lifestyle. To those of you not living in New Orleans it may be difficult to grasp things such as waking up to the sound of a second line outside your bedroom window after an early Saturday morning funeral on Austerlitz St. It is this rich culture and whimsy Matthew and I are blessed to live amongst that has inspired his Fall 2011 line. It celebrates the "common ground" we as New Orleanians share. I thought the sportswear in the first half of the collection was the strong point. The pops of blue were modern and edgy and worked with the subtle leopard print fabric for men and women. Matthew's unapologetic and determined attitude come through in the execution of this cohesive line. 

Shoes, NOLA Fashion Week Fall 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amanda deLeon, NOLA Fashion Week Fall 2011

Leave it to designer Amanda deLeon to display a study of animal exoskeletons on the runway... the most beautiful display of animal exoskeletons I have ever witnessed. With an education background in architecture Amanda's designs are expectedly very structural, yet with her Fall 2011 collection she added a deeper layer with her fabric choices. Her use of leather and silk serves to provide you with "a juxtaposition of a tough exterior with the softness that lies beneath" (something New Orleans women can relate to). It was clean, sleek, and the clothes looked well made and expensive. This collection was the second in my top two and quite possibly my favorite. The pieces in this collection pushed the boundaries of what traditionally beautiful clothes look like. She truly showed me something ahead of the fashion curve right here on the runways of New Orleans that I could see my self in. Hands down the quilted leather cap sleeve dress with the long fringe was my favorite look of NOLA Fashion Week, and that's quite a statement!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

VARELA + BROOKS, NOLA Fashion Week Fall 2011

Isabel Varela and Ashlee Patton are the masterminds behind the debut collection from VARELA + BROOKS. Thank the heavens these two classy ladies are designing right here in my home. This line was a cohesive blend of distinct, stand-out, and luxurious looks that would make any young professional in this city feel fabulous on a number of different occasions. The label will focus (as displayed above) on cocktail and evening wear including separates and outerwear... not to mention they also design their own fabrics! This "whimsical, concrete jungle" of a collection was right up my alley. 

jolie & elizabeth, NOLA Fashion Week Fall 2011

Designers Jolie Bensen and Sarah Elizabeth Dewey describe their jolie & elizabeth Fall 2011 line as "refined, timeless and graceful." Through their use of french navy, a modern large houndstooth fabric, bright pops of bubble gum pink (even sportswear!) they managed to accomplish that and more. I thought the line was young, fun, sophisticated and modernly minimum. The draped flowy evening wear added a new dimension to the brand. These two ladies definitely know how to appeal to the young women of the south and they stay true to themselves with each new collection. I expect to see these two in the good ole' crescent city for a long tome to come. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Loretta Jane, NOLA Fashion Week Fall 2011

Designer Kelli Cooper fell in love with the city of New Olreans after only one visit. We have that in common. What we also have in common is a clothing point of view. This was one of my top two collections of NOLA fashion week (that I was able to attend) and quite possibly my favorite. Kelli's collection of dresses and cocktail attire were bright, would practically do the flirting for you, yet had the perfect balance of sophistication and sexy edge. Although there was a fair amount of arm and leg exposed, the collection was still appropriate for fall to a New Orleans lady. Loved Loretta Jane fall 2011!

SOPHOMORE, NOLA Fashion Week Fall 2011

SOPHOMORE began as a single t-shirt design in 2003 through the eyes of design duo Chrissie Miller and Madeline von Froomer, a NOLA native. Today that single t-shirt idea has blossomed into a full collection of contemporary sportswear, this Fall with an urban hippie-chick vibe. The styling was spot on with bouncy curls, side braids, bold metal jewelry and boots for any wardrobe. The girls looked so polished and put together and yet so free and easy going, it appeared effortless. I wanted to be one of them strutting my stuff to some classic rock and roll which filled the air! It was the perfect combination of sportswear and comfort with a feminine edge.