Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dean, Magazine St.

Dean Curtis is a cartographer from Alameda, CA. I ran into Dean outside of Casamento's famous oyster house on Magazine St., also the corner of Miss Mae's 24/7 bar and pool hall. Dean had his first oyster in the city in 1983 and has ever since made multiple excuses to visit NOLA in search for more oysters and cocktails. Since he was already somewhat of a Casamento's regular, and therefore had the oysters covered, I recommended Tonique on Rampart for cocktails, home of the best old-fashioned in the city... in my opinion. Cheers Dean! Welcome back...

Betty & Alex, Magazine St.

Meet Betty Dittrich and Alex Braunbarth. Two musicians from Sweden and Germany couch surfing their way through the U.S. for three weeks. Two young artists putting faith in others out there like themselves to aid them in reaching each destination and the next. There is nothing more adventurous then a young backpacker. They have not another care but digesting the present moment around them with their eyes, ears, nose, and breath alike. Never knowing who you will meet today, what they might say, is a nostalgic feeling to say the least.

The two had just arrived in New Orleans from road trip which began in the bay area of San Francisco, CA. Cruising down the breathtaking PCH and continuing along I-10 across two thirds of the country had finally landed them in the land of sazeracs, milk punch, turtle soup, crawfish, jambalaya, and bread pudding, just to name a few local delicacies. 

As I sipped my coffee and Betty shyly smiled my way, Alex lit up a cigarette and expressed how overwhelmed he was already becoming with the southern hospitality in these parts :) As he cracked a joke about his lovely "Ozzy meets Lennon" sunglasses (of which I have to agree), we parted ways... and I was thrilled to point them in the direction of the closest snoball stand.